Watch an Xbox One get blown up by both a .50 cal bullet and det cord

Earlier this month, Richard Ryan of the RatedRR YouTube channel decided to destroy a new PlayStation 4 with a .50 cal rifle. So naturally when he got his hands on Microsoft's Xbox One he had to see how it would hold up against a high caliber bullet and film the process.

However, to his credit, he didn't just shoot the Xbox One. His latest video shows how Ryan decided to make it a "drag race" between firing at the console while also using detonation cord. He wanted to see which method reached the Xbox One first.

The video goes over how he set up his drag race so that the det cord could be ignited just as the bullet reaches the Xbox One. He ended up having 16 feet of det cord and then set it up so that when the bullet reaches the cord ignition target, it lights it up so that it reaches the Xbox One at around the same time as the bullet enters the case.

Again, the final process is shown in super slow motion and it's really hard to figure out if the bullet or the det cord hit the Xbox One first. However, Ryan decided to take what was left of the console and blew it up completely with even more det cord designed in an "X" pattern. Nice touch.

Source: RatedRR on YouTube

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