Watch out kiddies... teacher's watching!

Software developer LanSchool on Tuesday unveiled a monitoring system that captures thumbnail screenshots of students' computers and displays them on the teacher's screen, allowing instructors to keep an eye on their pupils' Web habits.

I guess this could mean no more Neowin during school then? :(

LanSchool Monitor works somewhat like a security camera system, the company said, letting teachers and librarians track students' Web habits instead of installing restrictive filters. Teachers can see up to 144 thumbnails on their computer at one time.

The Orem, Utah-based company is touting the technology as an alternative or addition to filters, which have come under fire from federal judges, librarians and civil libertarians for both over- and under-blocking. Students are notified when they log on that they're being monitored.

"It allows librarians to trust students, but verify what they are doing," LanSchool CEO Dana Doggett said. "The best type of filter is self-control."

He said LanSchool is targeting the product to schools because part of a teacher's job is to watch and monitor students. He said he'd be less comfortable with companies using it to monitor adults. "We really don't want to be a snooping tool."

Oh, that's ok then.

News source: c|net

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