Watch the world's thinnest phone hammer nails, crack nuts and smash through fruit

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner every other day, and it seems that customers are becoming heavily concerned with whether or not the phones are still as tough as they were a few years ago. Putting the questions to rest, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo released a video of the Oppo R5 titled "The R5 - Does it SMASH?" going through a series of challenges that show how tough the smartphone really is.

The first challenge involves smashing through various fruits, including an apple (a little dig at Apple?) and a watermelon. It then moves on to showing the phone crack through a walnut after repeated strikes, and follows with the smartphone being used as a hammer as the smartphone hits a nail into a piece of wood. At this point they show that the side of the phone where they were hitting the nail is free of dents and scratches. Last but not least, they drive over the phone with a car and show that the phone still works.

While Oppo doesn't try to bend the phone, they do pretty much everything else, and the smartphone seems to survive it all pretty well.

Check out the video below:

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