We ain't seen nothing yet, says Ballmer

Microsoft CEO on the Longhorn 'big bang', $49bn cash mountain and more...

"Hogwash." That's how Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer responded to the notion that technology no longer has the potential to transform lives and make people more productive.

At a meeting with financial analysts at the company's Redmond HQ, Ballmer said much of the potential gains technology has to offer have yet to be realised.

"Unrealised, unrealised, unrealised, unrealised," Ballmer said, offering a low-key self-parody of his famous "developers, developers" speech. "We just look out there like kids in a candy store saying what a great world [this is] to live in. The world is there to be transformed."

Ballmer's booming voice and boundless enthusiasm offered a stark contrast to the sea of PowerPoint presentations and the smattering of demos that punctuated the rest of the day-long gathering of financial analysts.

News source: silicon.com

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