We hope you have enjoyed today as much as we have...

It's all over so quickly. Yes April fools has come and gone, and already the next day for some members. But before I get to the spoilers, and settle some whispers, I would like to thanks the whole Neowin Team. And to our members for being such good sports.

Our top minds were gathered to devise the gags this year. They were brain storming day and night. Suffice to say in between the constant pizzas & watching movies & sleeping they put their collective brain power together on how to beat the "AOL Takeover" we ran last year. The result of this week long brain storm session, apart from gaining a few lbs and causing a local shortage of pizza toppings, not to mention an electric bill Buckingham Palace might be more used to. This year they came up with:

"Neowin Longhorn Beta Nomination".

It came as a nice dig in Microsoft's funny bone, after the "down time" we had. maybe it will give all the Microsoft peeps that read Neowin a hint for when the time comes for the real Longhorn ;) But cheer-up everyone, we will still be bringing you the latest Longhorn news & pictures, more of the numerous upcomming beta's and RTM's. Incuding Windows Messenger 5, Office2003, WindowsXP SP2 and more as they slip out from MS HQ.

"Cara & Keldyn in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

I'm sorry Redmak, take of your hat & tails the wedding is off. Yes unfortunately thats right folks as with all celebrity couples, the stress & strain of a very public relationship has taken its toll on our very own Keldyn & Cara. They have reportedly split up. Although the real reasons will never be known, we have learned that they settled out of court:

Keldyn gets to keep his back catalog of extremely rare & valuable Entire "Moved Thread" back catalog. In return he will be giving her a reported 1000 post counts a week in maintenance. with and additional 4000 put in a trust fund until Neowin is over 18 years old.

So thats it again for another year. We will be resuming a normal service tomorrow. I'll be back to posting news like its going out of fashion. We've enjoyed a day off, to have some fun with you lot. I hope you enjoyed it to. Till next year...

Update For those that did make a bio in the Longhorn beta thread, there is a special surprise for you inside so read more!

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