Week-in-Review: October 29, 2010 - News edition

In our first installment of our week-in-review, we'll be looking at the top news stories for the week of October 22 - October 28, 2010. For those of you who missed this week in the news, here is our short roundup of all the hottest news items of the week:

#5 Google admits it also stole emails and passwords
By: Andrew Lyle

Google has been under the magnifying glass for a number of months now, as countries are probing the company to see how much and what information was 'accidentally' stolen through their Wi-Fi enabled street cars. The Google Street View project was meant to take snapshots of streets and obtain some data based on businesses and locally available WiFi hotspots. The project accidentally stole data, and when uncovered, found that Google captured full emails and even passwords being transmitted.

#4 Google pays only 2.4% in taxes through loopholes
By: Brandon Boyce

Earlier this week we discovered that Google has been paying only 2.4% of taxes, which doesn't seem like a lot, but for a multi-billion dollar company, that is a lot of cash. The company movies money over seas to avoid paying taxes on incoming, something which many tech companies are doing, including Facebook and Microsoft.

#3 Windows 7 SP1 RC released
By: Brad Sams

Following up on the beta released back in July, Microsoft announced and released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate. The first service pack for Windows 7 will include Remote FX - allowing for a full remote experience including multiple displays, Aero and multimedia streaming.

Windows 7 SP1 RC is available for download can be found here.

#2 iPhone bug discovered, bypass any lock screen
By: Brad Sams

A recent bug discovered in Apple's iOS operating system allows anyone to gain access to your contacts including their phone number, email, address and any other information you have provided. Not only can someone browse your contacts, they can also email anyone in your address book and access your photos.

The serious bug is easily done on any iPhone running iOS 4.1 or earlier.

What did our readers have to say?

Tanooki said, "Wow, im an Apple fan here, but seriously, what happend to their QA?"

Sophism said, "Ha, yeah this works. I dont think its the end of the world though as long as its patched."

#1 Windows 8 will hit the shelves in two years
By: Tom Dwyer

Our top story of the week is Microsoft is already working on the successor to Windows 7, codenamed, Windows 8. The Dutch representative for Microsoft said that Microsoft plans on putting Windows 8 on store shelves in two years, giving Windows 7 three full years before Microsoft begins pushing the next major version.

Microsoft definitely has a massive hit on their hands, so it will be interesting what Windows 8 will bring to the table, and if consumers will be ready for Windows 8 while they are still getting used to Windows 7.

What did our readers have to say?

Ridlas said, "I think they need to stick with 7 for at least 5 years. Why the rush?"

xTDub said, "It will definitely be interesting to see what Microsoft brings to Windows 8. If the statement that it is coming in 2 years has any merit, I hope to have my hands on the beta in a year. Guess I will start looking at Connect a bit more often."
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