Weekend downloadable PC game sales: Feb. 8-10

Yes we know; we are running a little late with our weekend PC game sales post. Blame it on the weather or the flu; we were tardy and we are sorry about that.

There's still tons of time to save some money on some recent, and some classic, downloadable PC games. Over on the Steam site, you can get Gearbox's 2012 first person shooter sequel Borderlands 2 for 50 percent off. That includes the four-pack offer as well as the Brady strategy guide.

Valve also has a price cut on its own FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this weekend. You can get the game for 50 percent off this weekend, or you can get the Counter-Strike Complete Bundle, featuring four games (the original Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Source, Counter-Strike Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) for 50 percent off.

GoG.com has a very nice weekend sale this week. They have a bunch of classic games from publisher Square Enix on sale. A total of 20 games are part of the sale, which cuts their prices down by 50 percent off. They include many titles in the Hitman, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and Thief series, along with little known games such as Startopia, Pandemonium, and more

Image via Gearbox

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