Weekend PC Game Deals: Free events galore for FPS fans and more

Weekend PC Game Deals is where the hottest gaming deals from all over the internet are gathered into one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax, and hold on to your wallets.

The Fanatical store is back with another bundle this week, that being the Bob & Crew Bundle. There are no tiers or anything like that to worry about, with it simply offering four well-received games from Curve Digital for $9.99.

The bundle arrives with Human: Fall Flat, the humorous physics-based cooperative puzzle game; Bomber Crew, a 3D crew management game with FTL-like qualities; Serial Cleaner, a fast-paced stealth game where you must clean up murder scenes without being caught; and Stealth Inc 2, a puzzle-platformer with stealth and action mechanics.

Also as a reminder, this month's Humbly Monthly Bundle refreshes in less than a week, giving you some time before its current early unlocks of Kerbal Space Program, Dead Rising 4, Ruiner, Jalopy, Crazy Machines 3, and Moon Hunters, as well as the yet to be revealed games expire for good.

Free Events

If you're a first-person shooter fan, this could be a big weekend for your wallet, as five games have been made temporarily free-to-play on Steam.

ARMA 3 is the first of the bunch, bringing its tactical military sandbox gameplay to the masses to celebrate going past the four million player mark. The entire base game is available to try out, from the campaign and multiplayer modes to the scenario editor.

Meanwhile, the WWII shooter Day of Infamy is offering its hardcore multiplayer first-person shooter action to everyone on Steam. If you're an Insurgency fan, this game will probably be right up your alley thanks to it having the same developer.

Up next we have a free event for Payday 2, Overkill's cooperative heisting title that lets up to four players tackle various scenarios with valuables to steal using stealth or much louder methods that involve a large array of weaponry. Note that the game is also playable in VR.

Now we come to the VR exclusive title OrbusVR, which is also free to try this weekend. This early access game provides an MMO experience for virtual reality headset owners with quests, various classes, five-player dungeons, bosses, and more.

Lastly, we have Front Defense: Heroes, another early access VR game but one that is much more action-oriented. This WWII VR shooter offers solo play with bots as well as multiplayer modes with up to 10 players.

Big Deals

With the beginning of the weekend arrives a wide assortment of sales, and below, we have a selection of handpicked games that are near or below their historical discount rates.

DRM-free Goodness

Now, with all those out of the way, let's finally have a look at the list of DRM-free deals that are on offer at the GOG store this weekend.

Do keep in mind that availability and pricing for some deals may vary depending on the region you're in.

And that is it for our pick of this weekend's PC game deals folks, and hopefully, some of you have enough self-restraint not to break the bank adding new games to your ever-growing backlogs. Of course, there is an enormous amount of other deals ready and waiting all over the interwebs if you comb through it hard enough, so keep your eyes open for those, and have a great weekend.

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