Weekend Poll: Do you own a tablet?

It’s the weekend, it’s nearly the end of January and as always there is not much news flowing in the tech world. So, instead of wallowing in sadness for the lack of cool new releases and rumors, perhaps you would like to vote in our weekend poll instead!

Today we’re asking you whether you own a tablet, because since 2010 they have become increasingly popular: mostly due to the success of Apple’s iPad but also there has been some help from Android tablet vendors. According to a recent study by Pew, 19% of all American adults own a tablet, but we’re wondering what this statistic is like for a more tech-savvy crowd.

Enter your vote below in the poll, which is anonymous, or comment below to let everyone know what sort of tablet you own. Personally, I don’t own a tablet, but if I was going to get one it would be a 10” device; maybe an Asus Transformer Prime.


Do you own a tablet?

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