Weekend Poll: How often do you upgrade your phone?

Hello everyone, here at Neowin were hoping that youre enjoying the weekend. Perhaps you have recently picked up one of the new 3rd generation iPads and are giving it a thorough test run this weekend, or maybe you are gearing up to watch the 2012 F1 season kick off at the Australian Grand Prix; whatever you are doing, have some fun.

Meanwhile, take a short moment of your time to vote in our weekend poll! This weekend were asking you how often you replace your mobile phone: do you usually wait out a contracts 24 months, or you do take longer to upgrade to a new device? Perhaps you dont go by your contract, or buy devices off a contract and so upgrade yearly or more frequently than that.

Either way, let us know in the poll below, and as usual you can also voice your opinion in the comments section below.


How often do you upgrade your mobile phone?

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