Weekend Poll: What is Microsoft's best product?

Hello everyone, and as always the Neowin staff are hoping that you are enjoying your weekend. Just like every other weekend for the past few months, today we have a poll for you guys.

We want to know, out of the options presented below, what you think has been Microsoft's best product through-out the ages. Last week we were wrong in predicting that Windows 95 would be the first operating system used by our readers, but this week we reckon that most people will think Windows has been Microsoft's best product.

That said, Microsoft Office has also been a really solid piece of software that has helped millions of people worldwide, and their job on Windows Phone and Xbox has also been really good. Now you guys take over.

Place your votes in the poll and if you think we haven't listed Microsoft's greatest product, leave a comment. Enjoy!


What is Microsoft's best product?

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