Weekend Poll: Will you buy the Xbox One at launch?

Theres a lot of information out there about the upcoming Xbox One, and our very own Tim Schiesser did a great job of spelling out everything from the consoles announcement. While theres still plenty that we dont know about Microsofts new console, everyones been busy sharing their opinions of the Xbox upgrade.

Even after eight years, the Xbox 360 is far from dead, but Microsoft is betting that the future of gaming and entertainment will be the Xbox One. Well be learning a lot more about the upcoming console at E3, but how compelling was Microsofts product announcement to you? Specifically, do you think youre going to buy the new console at launch, or will you wait awhile for the hype to settle down? Or maybe you werent impressed at all and will either switch to the Playstation 4, or maybe skip this generation of consoles altogether. We want to hear your opinions on the matter, so answer the poll and give us your feedback below.


Are you planning on buying the Xbox One?

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