Western Digital is giving away 140 GB free with some hard drives

It's not everyday that a corporation gives back to the consumer. Sure, when we purchase a product, we expect it to live up to the manufacturers specifications and perform as noted on the packaging. But sometimes, companies know how to spread some goodwill among their users and in this case, West Digital is giving away a few extra gigabytes free with some hard drive purchase.

Neowin reader scurbox has sent us a tip that when he purchased a 2.5inch Western Digital 500GB Scorpio Blue hard drive, it actually came with 640GB. This gesture by Western Digital goes the extra mile for customer retention by giving its end user more than they were asking for. 

The images clearly show the additional storage and a note from Western Digital outlining their good deed. The extra space only adds to the value of the product, besides, who doesn't like getting more than they were expecting?

While we can't confirm what line of products Western Digital is adding the additional storage too, this particular unit was purchased from Fry's in San Diego. 

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