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What happens when you ask Steve Ballmer to sign a MacBook?

As most of you will hopefully know, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer is no fan of Apple products. This is pretty much to be expected, as the biggest rival of the company he runs is, indeed, Apple. With that noted, one wonders… what would happen if you asked Ballmer to sign a laptop made by Apple? The results are surprisingly mild, as one student recently found out.

When Ballmer visited Trevacca Nazarene University in Nashville a few days ago, students lined up to meet and greet the man, with some asking for signings. When he was handed a MacBook and asked to sign it, he did just that, without causing much of a fuss. However, the machine was running Windows – we've yet to find out what would happen if Ballmer was asked to sign a MacBook running OS X. Ballmer simply wrote, "Need a new one? Steve Ballmer," as you'll see from the picture and video included below, without putting it on the ground then pretending to stomp on it like he allegedly did to an iPhone last year. The incident has left many people wondering: what would happen if somebody asked Steve Jobs to sign a non-Apple branded laptop running OS X?

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