What is wrong with the press and Apple?

I have to admit I was one of those who were really bothered by Apple's commercial announcing they were switching to Intel technology (watch it here). I must also admit I used to call myself an Apple hater a few years ago. After all, what good a computer is if it can't run over 80% of the software available out there, it's slow, not to mention way overpriced?

Things have changed a bit for the past couple of years though. It's a commonly known fact that iPods saved the company from yet another failure, and OS X has proven to be a great piece of work. However, does that really make Apple the best computer company in the world? For some reason journalists seem to be obsessed with Apple, and they also seem to ignore the fact that their market share in the computer world consists of less than 5%.

I will not pretend to have all answers to these journalists' claims, but articles such as these can drive any truthful PC enthusiast nuts any given day.

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