What the heck is XboxFL? Only Microsoft knows

Rumors about a new Xbox console being revealed at E3 this June for a late 2013 launch have already been officially denied by Microsoft. However, the rumors and speculation have begun yet again, thanks to a discovery that Microsoft has secured the domain name rights to some new URLs with a rather mysterious address.

Fusible reports that Microsoft has bought the rights to the XboxFL.com and the XboxFL.net domain names.  It has even secured the rights to the XboxLF.cz domain, which is used for Czech Republic-based sites.

So the big question is, "What is Xbox FL or XboxFL?". Earlier this week, the anonymous Microsoft info leaker known as "MS Nerd" posted on Reddit that Microsoft was working on a much smaller version of the console that would launch in late 2013.

Some have speculated that the XboxFL name is somehow connected. However, there's been no confirmation of such a hardware product and many believe that this rumor has no real basis in fact.

The XboxFL domain name registrations are, however, very much of a real thing. If you type in XboxFL.com in your web browser it redirects you to the Bing website. That still doesn't really solve the riddle of what "FL" could stand for. Naturally, Microsoft has yet to comment on these new domain name filings.

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