Whatsapp for Windows Phone gets numerous bug fixes, orientation lock and other improvements

Whatsapp, the super popular messaging platform, has just received a somewhat important update on Windows Phone.

With earlier leaks already showing us what’s to come, we can’t say there’s anything surprising in the changelog. But users will, no doubt, see every improvement as something to welcome.  The official changelog includes:

  • Voice Messaging improvements
  • Ability to pin chats to start screen
  • New settings: Orientation Lock (WP7) and Text Size
  • Better message forwarding options
  • Bug fixes
  • New Languages

While there's nothing major here, improvements to voice messaging will be very well received, as will the ability to change text size and the screen orientations lock. The latter is only available for Windows Phone 7 devices, but this is only because WP8 devices will receive this feature as part of the GDR3 update. 

All in all we're glad to see Whatsapp hasn't forgotten about Microsoft's platform and here's hoping such regular updates continue to show up. 

Get your updated version of the app here.

Image via Wikimedia

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