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WhatsApp gives group admins more control in latest update

Group features in WhatsApp

Meta has announced two new improvements to its popular messaging solution, WhatsApp. There are two new additions and both pertain to groups. The first improvement allows group admins to control who can enter groups and the second lets you see which groups you have in common with other people.

If you’re an admin of a WhatsApp group and have ever shared an invite link or made a group joinable in a community, anyone with the link was able to get into the chat. With the latest update, WhatsApp now gives admins a final say on whether individuals can join the group. This could greatly help admins fight anyone trying to spam groups.

The second change allows you to see which groups you have in common with someone else. To bring up this information, you should search for your contact’s name. According to Meta, this will help you remember the name of a group you know you share with someone or help you find out if you’re in the same group as someone else. While this feature seems like it could be helpful in some cases, it could accidentally hurt people’s privacy by revealing someone shares the same group as you even though you didn’t realize it.

While some of you may see these updates today, Meta will be rolling them out globally in the coming weeks so be patient if you don't see them yet.

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