Why Lindows Ultimately Won't Matter

Finally a fellow webmaster who is agreed on the short comings of Lindows. It seems there are so many sites out there that have it in for Microsoft they don't really care if Lindows is a just a steaming pile of poo. It looks like a threat to Microsoft Windows so it must be good LOL

    The very name of the product implies that it is somehow a blend of Windows and Linux. This raises the expectations for Windows users that it will "magically" run all of their Windows applications. What will happen when they pop their favorite Windows application CD into their computer and it won't install? What will happen when they try to run their favorite 3D game and it won't run?

    One of the big selling points of Lindows is "Click nRun" which, for a $99 per year subscription fee, promises users the ability to install and run applications with "one click." While the developers of Lindows should be commended for this "ease-of-install" initiative, I don't think it's worth paying $99 per year for. Why not? Simple-- most of the software in the Click-N-Run Warehouse can be obtained free online and, more importantly, most of it comes FREE with boxed sets of Linux.

Thanks configure for sending me the link.

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