"Why would I need an iPad again?" Surface blog showcases user who ditched iPad

IDC states that just 900,000 Surface tablets were shipped worldwide in the first quarter of this year, but Microsoft's newest hardware product certainly has its fans. Today, Microsoft updated its Surface blog with a new entry that it says will be the start of a monthly series focusing on how Surface devices are used by their owners.

The blog post is mostly written by Philip De Rop, a quality assurance manager at Arkieva, a software company based in Wilmington, Delaware. However, De Rop is based in Belgium and travels frequently between Belgium and the US. He tells the tale of how he had to handle an iPad from Apple, an unnamed laptop and a mobile phone while in airports or on a plane just a few months ago.

De Rop states he had to take up between two and three power outlets at the airport with such a setup. He also could not do any work on the cramped plane with the 14-inch laptop but that trying to work on the iPad with its touchscreen keyboard was "difficult."

De Rop writes that all that changed when he got his Surface Pro. He says he was able to ditch the iPad and laptop in favor of the Surface when traveling and was able to use the Touch Cover keyboard on the airplane. The Surface charger can charge both the tablet and his Windows Phone, taking up just one power outlet.

He's also replaced his laptop with the Surface Pro in his office as he finds it can run any application he needs. De Rop even hooks up the Surface to two 24 inch monitors via a docking station, along with a full sized keyboard and mouse. De Rop ends his post by saying simply, "Why would I ever need an iPad again?" 

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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