WiFi hotspot company Boingo launches Windows 8 app

In an age where WiFi is supposed to be everywhere, it can be hard to find a solid WiFi hotspot when you need one, especially if you are using a tablet or notebook that can't connect to a 3G or 4G network. Now Boingo, which runs thousands of paid WiFi hotspots all over the world, has launched an official Windows 8 app that should make it easier to find and sign up for those wireless connections.

The app, which was launched recently in the Windows Store, lets its users quickly find any Boingo-based WiFi hotspots in their area, with toast notification support that will allow users to discover those hotspots even more quickly.

Boingo offers WiFi access at its locations for 24 hours at a time if you are just going on a quick business or pleasure trip. For the frequent traveler, they also offer monthly access to their WiFi hotspots for $9.95 a month in the US, which includes access for two WiFi devices. The Windows 8 app allows those subscribers to automatically log in without having to go through any more sign up options. The app can also be used for any WiFi-enabled passenger airplanes that use Boingo, although that will incur a separate fee.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Boingo

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