Wii Batters PS3 Almost 3-1 in Japan

Wii outsold PlayStation 3 by nearly three to one in January, said Japan's game magazine publisher, Enterbrain. According to the publisher, Nintendo sold around 405,000 Wii units last month, compared with around 148,000 units of PS3. Enterbrain reckons the figures are this way round because there's a wider range of games for Wii and PS3's higher price tag is hindering sales. Sounds about right to us. "There could be a price cut for the PS3 by the end of the year, and more software titles will hit the market. I expect the PS3 to be doing better after a while," Enterbrain President Hirokazu Hamamura told Reuters. "Of course, the Wii will keep running ahead all the while."

News source: CVG

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