Wii Firmware 3.0 Released

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"Nintendo has updated the Wii firmware to version 3.0, and it looks like it's finally making some decent changes to the Wii interface and Shop Channel.

On the menu side, Nintendo has added a digital clock to the bottom of the Wii channel menu and the windows themselves seem to be a lot more aware of your wireless internet connection.

The Forecast Channel now displays the current weather condition directly in the Wii menu and in the same vein the News Channel displays two scrolling headlines.

The biggest changes modifications however have been directed at the Wii Shop. The welcome screen has been completely redesigned display Nintendo's recommended titles, and an extra button for titles you've downloaded has been added to the main shop menu.

You can now search for Virtual Console games by category, most popular and even search for a name manually. We've already tried putting rude words in to the search engine with lacklustre results.

To wrap the update up nicely, there's an added pre-system update warning that Nintendo will come round your house and punch you in the chin if you modify your Wii. Or something like that.

The full list of changes is below:


* Digital Clock added to the Wii Menu
* Forecast Channel now displays the current condition (cloudy, raining) directly in the Wii Menu
* News Channel can now show 2 scrolling headlines at a time in the Wii Menu
* Message Board now has the "Today's Accomplishments" message
* Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B but only to empty spaces.
* Calendar in Message Board no longer shows "Today's Accomplishment"
* Scrolling messages in the Message Board now uses a different sound

Wii Shop Channel Overhauled

* New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost
* Titles You've Downloaded moved to the main shop menu
* Popular Titles
* Search for a title
* Search by Category
* System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each
* Publisher showing different publishers and amount of titles released
* Genre"

News source: CVG

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