Wii U: "Development Hell"

Nintendo is having some issues with their next generation console, the Wii U. In fact, according to the tipster (who is a Nintendo insider), the issues are "development hell", or show stoppers. The tipster discussed the setbacks with Nintendo leak site 01.net. The story comes to Neowin from one of our members, MightyJordan.

The 01.net site says the tipster has informed the site that "the final architecture was rushed through the door, with undesirable consequences." In fact, the tipster says that a major problem is the main chipset. The chipset is so cheap that the wireless function reportedly does not work at all. Nintendo has shipped three versions of the chipset, and will now ship a fourth.

Developers are also working with a tethered version of the controller. Each controller has a black box with a main connection to the console. Apparently the controller does not work properly, leading to frustration among developers. In fact, according to the tipster:

Many developers are feeling lost, their progress impeded by a distinct lack of visibility, and their working hours determined by the quasi-paced daily software updates. Many also feel unable to take advantage of the system's most innovative features.

Now the launch date of June 2012 is at risk. Inside Nintendo, there have been talks of delaying the Wii U until September 2012. This puts Nintendo at risk of losing revenue as rumors point to the next generation Xbox being unvieled during the 2012 E3 Conference. Wii U then would enjoy only a few months of a "best run" against the Xbox 360. For those interested in the forum conversation, you can follow this link.

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