Wikianswers launched

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikia and Wikipedia, has launched a new Q&A site, named Wikianswers. This may sound familiar to some; this is because the Q&A section of is called Wiki Answers. However, Jimmy Wales' version is named 'Wikia Answers', with the name being turned into 'Wikianswers'. Confusing for some.

Wales' has launched the site, despite a plethora of answer websites already available, in order to try and obtain a one true 'Wiki Style' answer for each question asked. A quote on Wikianswers from Wales himself states, "Wikianswers uses the unique characteristics of a wiki to form the very best answer to any question."

Despite the name confusion, Wikianswers may gain traction, but can it really gain some of the popularity of the already established websites? In December 2008 alone, Yahoo! Answers had 144.7 million visitors, and Wiki Answers had 26.7 million.

This leaves some wondering...How is Wikianswers different from other answer sites?

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