Wikipedia : 1 Million Articles

News gurus The Inquirer note that online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has now over a million pages of content.

Formed just under 3 years ago, the site has exploded in content and usefulness. With just 200,000 pages as of January this year, over the last 9 months they've seen a five fold increase and a few server pains to boot. It's unique method of content creation has also been key to it's success. Users submit data and build up subjects, often with startling levels of detail. Data can then be edited / updated by other users as time goes on, keeping content fresh and up to date.

Although the site has enjoyed much success in the technology community due to it's free / GPL friendly nature, traditional educational establishments have been urged not to use the site, with some groups suggesting that it is "un-authoritative". Indeed, one techie went on to test exactly how good Wikipedia users were at weeding out false information: the results were poor, with none of the changes being noticed.

Sadly, although Wikipedia list a reference for The Inquirer, the site doesn't feature yours truly - Neowin. A page placed on the site today was hours later marked for deletion; better check it soon, as it might not be there tomorrow.


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