Wikipedia hit by economic downturn

It seems that lots of technology companies are being hit hard by the U.S.'s economic problems. This time it's Wikipedia and they are asking for a donation.

Wikipedia, founded in 2001, is a website developed to produce a free user-edited encyclopedia. When the Wikipedia Foundation launched as it's new parent corporation, the site emerged into a .org domain instead of the original .com, to put emphasis on being non-profit.

The site seems to be now having some troubles with keeping up with their traffic costs as Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has written a letter published to the Wikipedia Foundation's website.

"Your donation helps us in several ways. Most importantly, you will help us cover the increasing cost of managing global traffic to one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Funds also help us improve the software that runs Wikipedia -- making it easier to search, easier to read, and easier to write for. We are committed to growing the free knowledge movement world-wide, by recruiting new volunteers, and building strategic partnerships with institutions of culture and learning," the letter states.

"I invite you to join us: Your donation will help keep Wikipedia free for the whole world," also says Wales in his letter.

Link: Wikipedia Donation Link
News source: iWinUX

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