Will Driver Bugs Kill The 9700 Pro?

Thanks Bearded Kirklander for spotting this neat lil article over at 3D GPU. Heres what the guy has to say about ATi's "GeForce 4 Ti Killer"

No link here, because this is something I've been thinking of on a personal level. I know this dude at CompUSA and he told me that the return rate on the 9700 Pro at two stores in our area is more than 50%, which is about 4 times what the return rate normally is. A few said that they could not even POST when they installed the card, but according to this guy, when they search the reasons in the database, they find that most of the buyers who returned the card cited problems with the drivers. They try to run games, they don't work. They get semi-frequent lockups, artifacts on the screen and

other odd occurrences.

Since the new Matrox Parhelia card is nowhere to be found in retail CompUSA stores, a bunch of people exchanged the card for a Geforce 4 TI 4600, which I think is because CompUSA is trying to push out the last of their VisionTek inventory, and the return rate on those is about 5%. Are you guys experiencing driver problems severe enough to make you want to take the 9700 Pro back and get something else? Do you think ATI is going to get the problems fixed in time to save the card?

Is there any truth to this? Are Neowinians also running into problems with the 9700, comments welcome

News source: 3D GPU

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