Will Microsoft pull the plug on Apple?

Is Microsoft going to kill Apple Computer? Some may say it's already happened, at least from looking at the relative dominance of Windows over Apple's Mac OS. But I'm talking about Microsoft pulling the plug on Office and Internet Explorer for Mac OS.

Is this actually going to happen? I don't think so. Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn't think it will happen, or so he said during a meeting I had with him last week to discuss this and other topics. I've heard the same from the people at Microsoft who develop the Mac applications.

BECAUSE OF A CONTRACT between Microsoft and Apple that runs out this summer, I think it's very important for Microsoft to make a clear statement about its commitment to Apple products. And since Microsoft's support of Mac OS is sometimes viewed as an extension of its antitrust defense, a formal commitment becomes even more essential. If Microsoft is going to continue to support Mac OS, going on the record shouldn't be a problem, right?

The current arrangement between Microsoft and Apple dates back to 1997. As part of what amounted to the settlement of lawsuits Apple had filed against Microsoft -- and was winning--Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple and promised to continue developing Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and development tools for Mac OS until August 2002.

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