Will Xbox One get a big memory performance boost for final hardware?

We've mentioned before that, in terms of sheer numbers, the hardware on board Sony's PlayStation 4 seems to be superior to that of Microsoft's Xbox One game console. One of the reasons is the way both consoles handle memory. The PS4 will have 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, clocked at 5500 MHz for 170.6 GB/s of bandwidth. This compares to 8 GB of the older DDR3 RAM for the Xbox One. clocked at 2133 MHz for just 68.3 GB/s of bandwidth.

However, the Xbox One does have something extra in the memory department: an additional 32 MB of eSRAM that is supposed to have 102 GB/s of embedded memory bandwidth. That should help the console with buffering frames in games. Now, a new report on Eurogamer claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is telling developers that the final hardware for the Xbox One will increase the embedded memory bandwidth to as much as 192GB/s, an increase of 88 percent.

The story says that Microsoft originally created the bandwidth numbers for the eSRAM from separate read/write operations. Now Microsoft has discovered that the final hardware can also handle read/write chores at the same time, which should help developers access more bandwidth.

The report also says that Xbox One games will get more optimized as newer and better drivers are released by Microsoft in the months ahead of its November 2013 launch. Adding more memory bandwidth should certainly help in that regard.

Source: Eurogamer | Image via Microsoft

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