WindowBlinds 3.0 Final Released!

Thankyou kindly Brad of Stardock for the heads up on this here release of WB3.

Stardock released WindowBlinds 3.0 today. WindowBlinds is a program that extends Windows to support full GUI customization (skinning). With WindowBlinds, a user can make Windows look like another OS (Windows XP, MacOS, Linux, etc.) or like something completely new. WindowBlinds 3 adds a host of new features to enhance productivity as well as new visual effects.

On Windows XP it allows WindowBlinds skins to be used as native visual styles. WindowBlinds 3 is much faster than previous versions of Windows (and is faster than visual styles on Windows XP) thanks to version 3's ability to use hardware acceleration when available. WindowBlinds 3 also uses far less memory and resources than previous versions.

Version 3 is free to download ( Users can purchase the enhanced version for $19.95 which provides additional features such as dynamic coloring, inclusion lists, scrollbar skinning, SmartButtons, and much more.

Download: WindowsBlinds 3.0 Mirror(1.62mb) Shareware version

Screenshot: One | Two | Three

View: WindowsBlinds 3.0 Guide

News source: WindowsBlinds Webpage

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