Windows 10 10036: App management improved

Over the past few years, apps have taken over every type of device; from your phone, to your PC to your Xbox, apps are everywhere. In the latest version of Windows 10 to hit the web, managing your apps is getting a bit easier thanks to a couple of new features.

In Windows 10 build 10036, the 'Apps and features' settings panel has been updated from build 9926. In the image you see below, 9926 is on the left and 10036 is on the right (click to enlarge) and there are new sorting options, the ability to look at a specific drive and typing in the app name to pull it to the top of the list.

Also, it now looks like non-Windows store apps are visible in this list as you can clearly see VMware Tools showing up in the screenshot along with a couple of Microsoft packages too.

One new feature that will likely make more than a few users happy is the ability to easily move an app from one storage device to another. For those of you using an SD card to supplement storage on your device, this will make keeping commonly used apps on internal storage easy and allow you to move less frequently used apps to the card.

This is yet another small update in build 10036 but when you add together a bunch of small updates, they help to create a better experience overall. If you happen to find anything else new in this build, make sure to drop us a tip.

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