Windows 10 Cloud will be upgradeable to a full version of Windows

If you haven't heard by now, Microsoft is coming out with a new version of its OS called Windows 10 Cloud. The operating system looks and feels almost exactly like Windows 10 for PCs, except it only runs apps that are downloaded from the Store.

Naturally, that sounds a lot like Windows RT, the failed version of the OS that ran on devices with ARM processors in the Windows 8 era. There is a key difference though, in that you'll be able to purchase an upgrade from Windows 10 Cloud to a full version of Windows.

The report comes from Petri, citing the following information that's found in the Editions Matrix XML file. This would be a significant differentiator from Windows RT, as at least giving users the option to pay to upgrade would impose significantly fewer restrictions.

In early reports, Windows 10 Cloud was also compared to Windows 8.1 with Bing, which was a version of 8.1 that used Bing as the default search engine, and Microsoft would give it away for free to OEMs. With this report, it seems likely that the company may license Windows 10 Cloud for free, and if the user wants a full Windows license, they can pay for it.

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