Windows 2003 Server build 3787 in Escrow?

WiNBETA are reporting that build 3787 of Windows Server 2003 is currently in escrow.

That day is not yet upon us, but its getting closer and closer. There is yet another build of Windows 2003 Server in Escrow today, build 3787, being interviewed as a possible candidate for the elusive RTM code to be sent to manufacturing.

They have also provided a couple of mis-coloured screenshots for everyones viewing pleasure and we have kindly mirrored them. Interesting to note that on screenshot 1 the build number is Build 3787.srv03_rtm.030312-1801. Could this build be the RTM code, pre RTM code or even post RTM code? We'll find out either March 19th or March 28th depending on what reports you follow. But I think its clear to anyone with their thinking caps on that Microsoft will no doubt bump the build number up to 3800 just so it looks pretty alongside Windows XP's 2600.

Check out the screenshots below.

Screenshot: Windows Server 2003 Build 3787 Screenshot #1

Screenshot: Windows Server 2003 Build 3787 Screenshot #2

News source: WiNBETA

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