Windows 7 sales exceed Vista sales by 234%

Consumer Market Research firm NPD has confirmed that initial sales of Windows 7 have surpassed those of the Windows Vista launch.

According to NPD's weekly tracking service, Windows 7 software unit sales in the U.S. were 234 percent higher than Vista's first few days of sales. The most popular choice for consumers was the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade followed by the Pro upgrade and Home Premium Family Pack. According to NPD, software sales of Windows 7 were strong compared to Vista's sales partly due to early discounts on pre-sales and a wide range of promotions. Although software sales were strong, PC hardware sales had more of an uphill battle, sales weren't as strong as growth during the Vista launch.

"A combination of factors impacted Windows 7 PC sales at the outset, but the trajectory of overall PC sales is very strong leading into the holiday season," said Stephen Baker at NPD. Baker went on to confirm inventory prep before the Windows 7 launch had "been spectacular". Working with retail stores, Microsoft prepared for the launch of 7 and customers were aware that the software would be available on October 22. Baker also said adverts had been "well-thought out and innovative". A combination of upgrade offers and promotions from several retailers helped with sales. Baker also praised the work done with OEMs, "never before has the industry launched such a variety of new form factors, price points, technology upgrades, and design innovations at one time."

Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc also said "it has been quite amazing to watch the global excitement build around Windows 7." With only the first few weeks since the launch of Windows 7, NDP projects higher sales over the next two months for Windows 7, even during this tough economic climate. Windows 7 was launched just two weeks ago.

Neowin reporter Andrew Lyle also contributed to this report

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