Windows 7: Calibrate your display

In part one of our overview of Windows 7, we looked into Federated Search. In part two, we looked into the improvements in UAC. In part three, we look into the new Display Color Calibration tool included in Windows 7.

Windows 7 includes the option to calibrate your display. Calibrating your display ensures that the colors are displayed correctly on your monitor. You can control factors such as gamma, adjust brightness and contrast and color balance. The wizard is very simple to use and each step has detailed instructions and steps to achieve correct color representation.

You can access the Display Color Calibration(DCC) tool from the Control Panel:

Below are some of the wizard screenshots:

Notice in the above screenshot that you can compare your current calibration settings with your previous calibration settings.

The Display Color Calibration tool is a treat to photo/video editing users as they can easily adjust the screen's color appearance. But still it is sometimes necessary to tweak your display settings using your graphic card vendor's control panel. In future, graphic card vendors can make use of the DCC tool to calibrate the display.

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