Windows 7: Few more changes from Beta to RC

Yet again E7 team has posted a massive list of changes from Beta to RC based on feedback, which is quite welcoming. Below are some of the changes listed by Chaitanya Sareen, a Senior Program Manager on the Core User Experience team, Windows 7.

Dual Boot partition drive letter assignment
In the current beta, the other Windows OS in a dual boot configuration wouldn't get a drive letter and therefore wouldn't show up in explorer. This is fixed in RC after immense feedback from the beta customers.

Improved taskbar thumbnail overflow
Users who have a significant number of open windows for a program, encounter a scaling mechanism where the thumbnail views turn into list views along with close buttons on the thumbnail previews

Control Panel Jump List
The Control Panel Jump List now offers a quick access to recently used control panel items

Remote Desktop Jump List
Remote Desktop Connection settings can be pinned to the Jump List now so that they always appear

Applying taskbar settings
Customized taskbar settings are now saved across sessions more reliably. Based on the bugs from Beta, the settings are written within 30 seconds providing enough time to batch a group of changes during the session.

Multi-touch zoom
Support for the zoom gesture is now available for Windows Explorer. Using the zoom gesture you can switch between view modes in Explorer such as zooming from Small Icons to Extra Large icons

Moving up in Folder hierarchy
Unlike in beta, the parent folder's button will appear in the address bar at all times and therefore going 'up' will always be a single click away in a predictable location in RC.

In Beta, a parent folder would collapse into an overflow dropdown

In RC, parent folders always remain within single click access

"New folder" button
"New folder" button will appear in Explorer, regardless of selection

Right-click in Windows Explorer
Previously if one right-clicked over any portion of an item they would get the item's context menu. Now, The view's context menu is shown only when one clicks on any large white space, including the space between a files name and its properties.

Baseline Device Stage experience
Several manufacturers are implementing custom experiences for the Device Stage, but a large number have also opted to support their older devices through the baseline device stage experience. The core functionality is the same, but all of the branding, imaging and vendor-specific tasks are now available automatically in the same convenient UI.

Device Stage experience for a PC
In RC, double-clicking on the PC icon now offers a Device Stage UX. Like the other Device Stage devices, Device Stage for PC will be enabled when the PC maker has chosen to participate with their system.

Head over to the E7 blog to read more about the changes from Beta to RC in Windows 7

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