Windows 7 M1 Build 6574.1

Chinese site ThinkNext has once again released screenshots of another build of Windows 7 that is currently being worked on by Microsoft.

Amongst the changes are some refining with Windows Explorer and the addition of a Windows Health Center that provides alerts and monitors the systems health state. Microsoft is currently testing Windows 7 internally and is widely expected to announce further details at its PDC (professional developers conference) in October this year. The company is expected to ship Windows 7 in Q1 2010.

The build was posted without the full build string, which leads us to believe that a partner purposely violated the NDA with the Redmond based software company, and made it difficult to trace back to a specific developer lab. As quoted from the site below:

"This time it's the 2nd release of Windows 7 Milestone 1. Version 6.1 (build 6574.1.{SECRET}). The {SECRET} here means I won't expose detail. No, even Milestone 1 isn't a single release. Microsoft releases multiple versions of M1 with different minor version numbers. Well, for me it is the 2nd one I've gotten but I've no idea about how many releases Microsoft did before. I'll use Win7 M1 R2, which stands for Windows 7 Milestone 1 Release 2, to describe it in the following. Please be noted, 'Release 2' is my naming convention, not Microsoft's."

Update: ThinkNext have now removed the posting, it's not yet clear if this was at Microsoft's request or not.

View: ThinkNext - Windows 7 M1 6574.1 Screenshots
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