Update: Windows 7 RTM available on MSDNAA on 6th August NZT

Microsoft has announced, through their official "Imagine Cup New Zealand" Facebook page that the Windows 7 Professional RTM will be available on individual MSDNAA students websites on the 6th August, 2009, New Zealand Time.

This means, for people in other parts of the world that Windows 7 Professional will be available on the 5th of August (this may be dependent on your country settings). The following announcement confirms that it will be released on the 6th (NZT):

Ic Nz : "Windows 7 Professional will be available on MSDNAA as of 6th August 2009, and available through ELMS on the 15th of August...."

This may also mean that all Windows 7 SKU's may appear on the Microsoft Technet site at the same time - perhaps depending yet again on what country you live in. To find out what time this is in the rest of the world, click here. There isn't long left now..

UPDATE: Apologies for the typo in the title, Microsoft has confirmed Windows 7 will not be available via Dreamspark, also via their Facebook page, in the following comment:

UPDATE #2:Microsoft has pointed out that those of you who use ELMS (The separate web portal to access MSDNAA software) won't have access until the middle of August. Those that get access directly through an admin (The IT administrator on campus) can request it now though.

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