Windows 8 and Surface support gaining momentum

Apple, as they usually do, generated a ton of press from both from the tech and mainstream media today with their iPhone 5 announcement. While the iOS smartphone might be a big seller for consumers, some business owners feel that Apple's device is not yet ready for enterprise use.

In fact, a number of tech business leaders seem to be more excited at the prospect of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch, especially with the added weight of the Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. contacted 200 business leaders in the tech world before today's iPhone 5 announcement to get their opinions.

Overall, a number of the tech executives seem to be at least interested in the iPhone 5, even if some may not upgrade immediately. However, there were others who said that the iPhone 5 didn't make any waves with them. One of them was Adam Gerrard, the CTO at LateRooms Group. He stated:

The new iPhone is not likely to be my next personal device. I'm waiting for the Windows 8 phones and the Windows Surface to arrive before I make my next personal technology investment decision.

Shawn Beighle, the CIO of The International Republican Institute, also expressed a lot of interest in Windows 8 and the Surface, saying he might drop his iPhone if Windows 8 and Surface are successful. He added:

To be completely honest, from a business standpoint I'm much more excited to see how Windows 8 Mobile rolls out, along with Surface. With all three platforms: PC, tablet and smartphone all running the same kernel, while also having Active Directory tied in and the controls that come with that, this has incredible potential.

Dale Huhtala, the executive director of enterprise technology infrastructure services at Service Alberta, feels that iOS devices like the iPhone 5 are not the best fit for corporate use. He added:

We are hoping to investigate the options available with a Windows 8 phone/tablet in the upcoming year. The belief is that these will be more corporate-friendly, though initial investigations are showing that we'll likely need still another set of infrastructure to manage these devices as well. They will be a better fit for the corporate environment, particularly around managing files – something iOS definitely does not do well.

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