Windows 8 app PUSHBI maker Extended Results bought by TIBCO; we chat with CEO

Extended Results, the Redmond, Washington-based business software company formed by former Microsoft senior consultant Patrick Husting, was one of the earliest such software developers to jump on the Windows 8 app bandwagon. Their PUSHBI app for Microsoft's latest OS was a big success, according to Extended Results's own parameters.

This week, Extended Results announced they have been acquired by TIBCO Software. The publicly traded Palo Alto, California company develops and sells infrastructure software to businesses. Husting will become a vice president of TIBCO's Spotfire business division as a result of the acquisition. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Neowin got in touch with Husting and he agreed to answer some questions via email. 

Why did you and the company decide to be acquired at this time?

I reached this point in my business where new customer leads where tapping out our company. So we either raise millions of dollars, which we had lots of VCs ready to do and scale out the business over 2 to 3 years. Or Find the RIGHT company to acquire us to scale globally in regards to engineering and sales channel. By being acquire by a large global company as talented as Tibco Spotfire, we have the ability to leverage their global sales and engineering to move our solution quickly.

How will this move affect software development of PUSHBI?

We will be given more sources to build an even more amazing product. Over the last 4 years, I’ve used my profits from the services side of the business to fund engineering. There were many times when I had to pull a product engineer to work on a consulting engagement. Now being apart of the Tibco family of businesses, we can focus our engineering assets on core product to really drive a vision of NEVER looking at another dashboard or report again.

With Windows 8.1 due for release in a few weeks, will there be any new features added to PUSHBI as a result?

Yes! There are some enhancements to Search coming along with some new functionality with snapping two apps side by side.

How has PUSHBI been doing since the release of Windows 8?

Windows 8 has been a great lead generator for us. When we are highlighted in the Windows Store, downloads are basically 10x than just being in a category. We have been very fortunate to highlighted several times. Our Windows 8 experience is truly unique compared to our Android and iPad apps. When customers see it, they are surprised they are seeing Windows 8. I think we have changed some perceptions of Windows 8 for many customers to the positive.

Since Microsoft has launched Windows 8, it has only claimed a few percent of the overall PC market share. Do you think Microsoft could have handled the launch better?

For a company to innovate, sometimes you need to try and drive your customers in certain directions. Microsoft’s issue was more in regards to sheer size of their customer base and basically the two different usage cases of Desktop Productivity to Tablet play around time. They are completely two different experiences and nearly impossible to mix.

Will Windows 8.1 be enough of an improvement to help Microsoft in general and app developers in particular?

For my app, there is nothing in the point release that would cause mass adoption. But that is completely from my business objectives. Windows 8.0 and 8.1 in desktop mode has a ton of reasons to upgrade from Windows 7. If I can get work done faster, then an upgrade is an easy decision. Windows 8.x does that.

Finally does Extended Results have plans for more Windows 8/8.1 apps beyond PushBI ?

You bet. We are the only business intelligence provider that adopted the “Bring Your Own Device” vision and the Windows platform is core to that mission. We are a managed Windows ISV and will continue to work closely with their excellent managers to continue to innovate Mobile Business Intelligence for the Windows Platform.

We want to thank Patrick for answering our questions.

Image via Extended Results

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