Windows 8 business apps getting more attention

As more and more Windows 8 "Modern" apps start appearing for RTM users on the Windows Store, the focus is turning to apps that are made specifically for business users. A number of proof-of-concept business apps have already been made by a company called Sogeti.

In a feature on ZDNet, it reveals that Sogeti has made four concepts for Windows 8-based business apps for US companies, and 10 more apps for European customers. You can check out a video of Sogeti's concepts above. The article states that the developers have mostly used XAML and C#, along with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012 tools, to create their Windows 8 apps.

Another company making these kinds of apps is C-Labs Software. The team made a home automation monitoring app called See My House. It apparently took C-Labs less than a day to adapt their software over to the "Modern" UI.

However, another company called Laplink has said it won't be porting its applications over to the Modern UI. That's because Microsoft puts in restrictions on how those apps can access files such as the registry in Windows 8. While the company will release a Windows 8 desktop app, Laplink CEO Thomas Koll says, "Our app won't work with Metro. It needs access to everything on a PC."


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