Windows 8 Consumer Preview hits 1 million downloads

It was expected that once the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build was released officially by Microsoft it would get a lot of downloads. Today, Microsoft confirmed via the official Windows 8 Twitter page that it had indeed seen a lot of people hitting the download button, stating, "One day million downloads of the consumer preview."

Even though Microsoft is calling this build a "Consumer Preview", it is still, for all intent and purposes, a beta of the final shipping version of Windows 8. That said, the fact that the company has seen over 1 million downloads of this build in such a short amount of time is still impressive.

Once again, if you want to download and install the Consumer Preview version of Window 8, make sure you check out the system requirements first. That includes running Metro apps on your screen, which require at least a 1024x768 screen resolution. Also, there are only a few PCs out there that currently support the Metro touch screen interface and features, although you can bet there will be more touch screen-based PCs when the final version of Windows 8 is released.

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