Windows 8 Skype app development jobs posted

In October, Microsoft officially acquired the Internet phone company Skype. So it's not exactly a shock to learn that Skype is looking for developers to work on new Skype products for Windows 8. As spotted by, Skype's web site has not one but two job openings available for "Software Development Engineer – Skype for Windows Metro."

Both job listings state, "The Consumer Engineering team at Skype is looking for passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated developers to help us build Skype client software for new Windows 8 platform." One job post is looking for a developer to work on C# while the other is looking for a developer to work with JavaScript/HTML5.

It would be a shock and somewhat embarrassing if Windows 8 was officially launched without a Skype app. Earlier this month a Skype executive said that the company was working to develop apps for Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone. Windows Phone users have been waiting patiently for Skype to release an app for their mobile operating system, but the Skype executive said such an app would be "coming out soon."

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