Windows 8 Launch: We check out Asus's lineup

Asus is going all out with launching new Windows 8 products for the launch on Friday and later on in 2012. They have notebooks, tablets, hybrids and even a cool looking all-in-one PC ready to go and we got a chance to briefly go hands-on with many of them at a press event Wednesday at New York City.

Yes, we did indeed get to check out the dual screen Asus Taichi, a hybrid that is the only one among the Windows 8 launch products that will have two screens. The one on the back is the one with the Windows 8 touch screen and allows users to watch and use content while the user on the keyboard side can continue to work on something else (the keyboard screen is, sadly, not touch enabled. There are some big collaborative possibilities with the Taichi and, well, it just looks cool.

We also got a chance to see the company's Vivo tablet products, which include one of the few Windows RT tablets that will be available for the launch time period, the Vivo Tab RT. However, the Windows 8 product that we were surprised to see at Asus's press suite was the all-in-one PC, the ET2300. The 23 inch PC has a hinge that allows it to move and make it flat, allowing it to be used more like a tablet. It's not quite the same experience as Sony's Tap 20, but it's similar enough and a nice and unexpected feature. We hope to get more hands-on experience with Asus' Windows 8 and Windows RT products in the weeks ahead.

Image via Asus

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