Windows 8 pattern login shown off on video

Windows 8 will bring to the table many new features and among those will be a new login with pattern recognition. The feature, which looks very similar to the one currently used on the Android platform, has more combinations than what the Android pattern unlock currently utilizes.

The video comes courtesy of YouTube (via and it is believed that this type of login interface will be reserved for the touch based UI of Windows 8. While there is not much else known about the login UI, this video provides the best look to date of alternative login methods that Microsoft may employ. This type of login could also be used when Microsoft implements Kinect like features into Windows 8.

Since the leak of an early Windows 8 build, many features have been uncovered. While the build represents an early compilation of features, an M3 build is currently circulating among a private group of individuals. 

Windows 8 is far off from public availability and it is rumored that a public beta may be announced at PDC later this year. It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in late 2012 with the latest rumors suggesting that retail availability will happen in early 2013.

The video is NSFW around the 20 second mark.

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