Windows 8: So simple a three year old can use it (maybe)

For the past several months, we have read any number of articles about how Windows 8 is going to be hard to learn, especially by people who are so used to previous versions of Windows 8. Now, a new video has been posted on YouTube that allegedly shows Windows 8 being used quite well by a three year old.

The video was posted earlier this week by a man named Adam Desrosiers and shows his three year old son in front of a PC monitor running Windows 8 and its "Modern" UI.  The camera mostly stays on the monitor as Adam asks his son off camera to do things such as open up a program, pin it to the side, open up another Modern UI program that's already running and more.

Again, this video doesn't actually show his son moving the mouse around to handle the actions, but based on the audio, it seems resonable to assume this could be the real deal and not faked. In a post on the YouTube page, Desrosiers says, "For the record, I do whatever I can to keep my boy *off* the computer." However, he does say he has had Windows 8 installed on his PC for about a month and claims that the video shows how well his son uses it.

Desrosiers adds, "I could easily teach him some of the even more in depth operations of the system if I didn't think it more important that he interact with the real world."

Thanks to Kevin for the tip!

Source: YouTube

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