Windows 8 tablet 'Metro' UI will be 'immersive', images surface

The small bits of information about Windows 8 continue to be discovered as more users get their hands on Windows 8. Small details like icons, themes, and features have slowly leaked over the past few weeks. has discovered a few more images that help show the direction of the much rumored tablet interface, code named 'Jupiter'. Unfortunately the files associated with the UI can not be run as they are locked but hopefully a willing user will eventually be able to find a workaround. The images also suggest that the tablet experience will be 'immersive" according to the file names, what exactly that means to the final project, is still up for debate. Logically, it would entail that the experience will be covered on all facets, leaving no functional area untouched. 

It is expected that the Windows 8 tablet edition will encompass Microsoft's Metro design language, which these images appear to confirm. We have also seen this design language in a previous leak that showed a new dark theme that had elements of Metro built in. 

Windows 8 is expected to enter beta, possibly as soon as this fall, with OEM availability in late 2012 and possible retail availability in January 2013.

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