Windows 8 to allow alternate location for Windows installation files

With each new leak of a Windows 8 build, more and more features will be uncovered. It was just last week that Windows 8 build 7955 leaked to the Internet and previous to that was build 7850. Users have been poring over every detail of the latest builds and have uncovered many new things, one of which is the ability to alter the location of Windows 8 installation files. 

This image comes courtesy of Twitter user @AngelWZR and shows the new settings for "Specify settings for optional component installation and repair of operating system corruption". The idea behind this option is to allow users to set an alternative location for Windows installation files. When setting an alternative location you have the ability to specify more than one location if so desired. 

While the placeholder text does appear to be a bit unrefined, this new feature will come in handy for those who wish to move the Windows installation files. While many users will most likely not take advantage of this feature, it is a another option that is now included on the Windows platform. 

Windows 8 is far off from public availability and it is rumored that a public beta may be announced at PDC later this year. It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in late 2012 with the latest rumors suggesting that retail availability will happen in early 2013.

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