Windows 8 to support "beaming" data to other devices?

Windows 8, specifically the Windows Store part of the operating system, has been in the spotlight this week. However a new rumor claims that Microsoft's next operating system will soon be able to support a new wireless data transfer feature. The rumor Twitter account MS_Nerd posted up a new message that claims, "Zune 'squirting' to make a come back on Microsoft's 3 screens with NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi Direct pairing, to be called 'beaming' now." The message had no other details.

The "squirting" mention refers to the first hardware generation of Microsoft's Zune media devices which allowed for two such players to directly transfer music tracks to each other via WiFi. The "Microsoft 3 screens" term means the PC/tablet platform for Windows 8 along with Windows Phone devices and Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.

If MS_Nerd's claim is indeed true, it's possible that Microsoft could add "beaming" data directly from all those platforms around the time the company launches Windows 8, which is expected to happen sometime in 2012. By that time the next major revision of the Windows Phone operating system, currently known by the code name "Apollo", is also expected to launch. Even though the Xbox 360 got a major dashboard update this week, it's also more than possible that the console could also get another major update around the time Windows 8 launches. Microsoft has already admitted that Xbox Live support of some kind will be a part of Windows 8.

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